Social Media News Release

24 Apr

Welcome to a world of constantly changing media. Since a vatiety of people are always searching through media online a “Social Media News Release” was created. This format is a way to release information that you may withhold to anyone; that includes journalist, bloggers, publicists and even the public. (Definition found at RealWire) Because news is being dispersed to many different types of people, the release has to be constructed to meet all the requirements, having the traditional facts and quotes along with the details and personal touches. Of course the writer will brand their favorite media into the release, but to hold the reader’s attention it is important to always add in videos and photos.


The ability to link the site or photo directly to what is being said, it is reader friendly.

Digital can make a better impression because of the visual context.

                              Optimize research, you can see the entire story and where the parts came from.

                             People being able to respond; having a conversation and share information.


  We are just now growing into a generation that is becoming media based, although it is happening very quickly, people who read news papers don’t get to experience a personal form of media.

If you are a PR practitioner, or inspire to be one, than you know the importance of constantly writing new stories. So, when the question is asked “when should someone consider using a social media news release?”  the answer should be always! Writing is important and we should always be communicating, there is always going to be news, so talk about it. Pitchengine is a phenomenal webpage that allows people to write in from different media sites, it compiles everything that people are talking about now.

How to Create a SMNR?

Creating a Social Media News Release is easier to do today because of all the help sites that are out there. Here is a video found on YouTube.

This video is also found on Feedmyapp, along with several other sites.  

Another site to help create a SMR is SmartBlogs, it is most helpful when it comes to not only how to create a news release but what to do with the release when you have created it.

A couple of other helpful hints are:

1. Figure out your target audience. The options will be journalists, bloggers and the general public, all real people, so write as though it is a conversation.

2. Find the right avenue. There are numerous platforms for media releases, choosing the right site is important based on the topic, media sites range from; WordPress, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

3. Choose keywords. Search engines allow people to look up similar words or phrases, the point is to use particular words to have your site show up on those search engines, but to also have a language that sticks out.

4. Tell a story. As a writer you should write like a person, not an organization, so avoid main points (like I’m doing) and stick to personal details. Make the concepts easy to grasp, you don’t want readers to scan your article.

5. Create multimedia object. Be creative with; photos, videos or audio recordings, this will break up the release and make it more interactive.

6. Provide resources to links. We have to give credit where credit is due, linking other writers can pull readers into where our resources come from and have them understand what is going on.

7. Make sharing easy. Allow people to respond, give feedback and share what you have given to them.


TOW 13:Blogging at my best

15 Apr

Dear Beginning Bloggers,

Here are a few things that I would suggest when starting out blogging

1. Get comfortable with WordPress, or your site of choice. I am so thankful that we took a day in class to fully explore WordPress, I still get lost when browsing the site, but when I was ready to write my first blog I felt comfortable with what I was looking at because we took the time to go over the site.

2. Look for relatable photos. When I visit other people blog sites the first thing I notice is the layout and photos that are in the blog. It helps keep my mind moving and create a visual relationship to the writer and the post.

3. Use as many links as you can. When I first started out I figured if people wanted to know about what I was posting, they could look it up, but when I had to do that it was frustrating. I recommend adding in the links so that it makes your readers more engaged.

4. Talk about what you know. Don’t assume people are stupid, they know when you have no idea what you’re talking about. Sure, you may have to write about a topic you don’t know about, that’s not your fault, take the time to look into the issue you’re talking about.

5. Post your blogs on other pages. i.e. Facebook or other website. The whole point of blogging is to get your writing out there. Why not share it with other people?

6. Take your time. Blogging takes time. Thats why people like blogging, it is something that they, you, can invest in. Carve out a time, away from distractions, and speak what is on your mind. Then, people will begin to listen.

7. Read. Read. and Read. Take the time to experience other people’s lives. This will help you become a better writer, reader, and aid in writing grammar.

8. Make connections. Because of some of the posts we had to make we were able to listen to podcasts, write on other blogs, and be involved in chats. This gave me the ability to communicate with people who were learning with me and learn from the experts.

9. Use Spell check. And use it often. Some times I don’t realize the mistakes that I make , and after writing for this whole semester I still make simple grammar problems.

10. Blog, and Blog often. I started off at a good pace at the beginning of the semester, writing every week, but life can become overwhelming and we can’t always write as often as we are able too. My biggest regret and suggestion would be to blog as often as you can, it does help you.

Good Luck,


Where is the Love?

15 Apr

  This past week a book by Rob Bell, pastor of MarsHill Church, was released into stores, but how did the public respond?

 The press released a video of his prior to the book, this was to promote his book, but instead received negative press. This is the video to promote “Love Wins.”

Of Course this had people in shambles! All over Twitter people were seeing in tweets saying that Bell has gone off the deep end and these concepts were ridiculous. Comments calling his beliefs “garbage” and saying he is a “heretic.”

Rob Bell came back with this statement:

(I love the Ending)

With this statement it seems like he was making sense again, people were back on his side, saying “Thank you for your book!” the book Love Wins was being sold off the shelves. Was it because people wanted to read it because they believed in what he was saying, that we do have a choice? or were they reading because they wanted to bash his new book?

MSNBC had an interview with Bell (below), the interview started off bad and went to worse. As Bell squirmed in his seat because the reporter and weren’t understanding each other; it was clear that to Christian he would make sense, there was no right answer to his question and to the reporter the questions were clear Bell just couldn’t answer him.

What ever your beliefs are; if you think this turmoil is right or wrong, one thing is clear, we don’t know the answers, God does.

Food, Babies and Booze

15 Apr

Applebees and OliveGarden are just a couple of Americas biggest food chains around, although they have had some difficulties recently regarding the negative press due to serving alcohol to children.

Story about 15-month-year old at Applebees.

Story of Olive Garden.

Although both children have recovered, will the businesses?

There have been major hits from press that has negatively affected the companies. Selling 150 million meals every day this is just one of the rare occurences (USAToday) However that is no excuse that measures shouldn’t be taken place to prevent these issues from happening. The PR coordinator has announce that the companies have taken full responsibility in both issues, and plan to also do extensive research so that this will not happen again.

Applebees and Olive Garden agrees to retrain their staff, limit bar use, incorporate feedback from customers and rethink policies so that these issues will not happen again.

It was a close call of both parties with their children, it could have been a lot worse, so the most important thing is to make sure the staff is qualified to handle situations that may come up.

TOW 12: Inside PR.

15 Apr

Asking Facebook questions on InsidePR.

If you haven’t been on Facebook recently, you should take a look at the new ability to ask your friends questions. This ability to take a poll of thoughts, relevant to life or not, this new status has caught the attention on PR guru’s.

They believe that with this tool you will be able to network to the people that you “trust,” your friends. InsidePR gave props to Facebook, they are the only ones that are able to launch this and have such a great response. These questions lead to other questions, giving people the ability to respond efficiently.

Another site that has the same answering questions is quora, they give people the ability to ask questions, but if the question is worded negatively they have the ability to delete it or change the question. The monitoring the questions might be a good thing, considering one of the examples that they gave on InsidePR. The example was of a teenage girl that asked the question, “What are people doing this weekend?” Some responded with a good answer, while others wrote in responses like “committing suicide.”

TOW 11: Infographics

15 Apr

 Infographics- a visual representation of data to show products, percentages, or pricing.

Why use inforgraphs? Infographs provide a image stimulation, they allow the person viewing the picture to be more conscious of the situation that the infograph is portraying. Inforgraphics teach you the very basics about data, they allow a story to happen and people to get lost in the graphic.
The down fault about inforgraphics is that the data can easily be misconstrued. The artists making the graphic can change the data so it seems too good to be true, but in reality the information behind the visual is really not like it seems.


Creating an infograph allows the artist to be creative and self-aware of what they are creating. From what Urlesque states, it seems as though the artists that make the inforgraph enjoy what they do. They take the information and are able to create their own visual concept of it within their own format. These graphics can be created on any basic photographic site, such as Photoshop, the only thing that needs to be found is the photos to be placed in the graphic.

TOW 10: H.A.R.O.

15 Apr

Help A Reporter Out

 Help A Reporter Out, or HARO, is a webpage for reporters and journalists to get more information on the topics that they are writing about.

On this webpage you are able to log on from anywhere in the world and discuss a topic, from there  journalists will look at the issues that were brought up and use what writers submitted. The journalists are also able to write back critiques on the work and give a good constructive critisim.

Now there can be a thing called free PR. With HARO, the people that write in are experts in the topic that they are writing about; land, companies, and partners. This gives an opportunity for people who are skilled to maybe land a big deal.

With over 80,000 experts writing in, this website adds up to the largest online resorce. Allowing people to write in gives a quick way of looking up information; no more off topic pitches, unsited sources and searching through databases.